The Colony fuses technology with creative, emotional storytelling in order to engage, entertain, influence and inspire audiences. What we create for our clients is always different and striking. We craft feature films, television series and commercials and build AR/VR experiences, APPS, installations and live events.

Creativity, Invention, Talent.

We harness the talents of our diverse roster of filmmakers and creators. We love to develop new tools that empower advertising agencies, brands and organizations to communicate their stories and connect powerfully with the right audiences in a changing mediascape.

We work directly with brands and filmmakers to create, develop and produce entertainment and content across all genres and all platforms including film, television, web and all emerging formats. 

The Colony has an integrated visual effects, design and animation studio - Afterparty VFX. This gives us the real-time tools to develop and finish premium content onsite. With this technological foundation, we are able to operate at the forefront of VR/AR/XR - creating original, innovative, immersive experiences.