The Colony Technology Lab


The Colony Technology Lab is our playground for new ideas and technologies. We invite creators to collaborate and advertisers to jump on board in this space. Everything in the Lab can be tailored for our brand partners.

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The Theatre Project

We build immersive VR theatre experiences that allow audiences to be taken into live performances by great actors with interactivity and high quality theatre presence. The audience can be anywhere – in homes, in schools and universities, in small or large venues, geographically anywhere in the world.

Our platform brings people into the live experience like never before. The uptake and development of VR has been hampered by key problems, including a perceived sense of isolation and certain limitations in terms of incorporating real interactivity with live human performances. We have targeted these issues to bring a whole new flexibility to the VR experience.

Akin to live theatre, The Colony VR technology allows multiple users to truly share a common live experience at the same time and to interact within that world. Participants can meet and share an experience in an immersive, interactive setting with friends located anywhere in the world. This same experience can be applied to product launches, live demonstrations, training and instructional classes.

This will be a popular and prevalent aspect of future teamwork, social life and performance, bringing friends together in real time, no matter where they are in the world.

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User Targeted Adaptable Video Content

Using interactivity, AI and a game engine pipeline, we can facilitate the creation of content that can be generated with near infinite combinations. Advertisers can now create and store assets using an asset-sharing system. This allows people to affordably use AI or personalization to create individual, highly-targeted and uniquely tailored ad sets to reach niche customer bases – not by location and demographic, but by their interests, from anywhere in the world.