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David's most surprising insight into comedy came during film school when he shot weddings for money. To relieve the inevitable artistic boredom, he regularly cut together lowlights reels - folks crying, losing their cool, wardrobe mishaps, awkward speeches and nerves. To his surprise, these videos were hits, with viewers exclaiming he'd captured their true family. He's been looking for that bittersweet human comedy ever since.

David has shot around the world for nearly every major brand. Resistant to being typecast, he's proven to be a force whether directing actors for comedy, visuals, action or drama. He is also a master of visual storytelling and effects (since turning his Dad's shed into an stop-motion studio at age 8). David is the rare filmmaker who is great with actors and has a great sense of comedy timing, but who has also mastered both VFX and big picture visuals.